Pest Control

Are you bothered by any of these?

  • Ugly Roaches
  • Pesky Rodents (dead or alive)
  • Multiplying Ants – including fire ants, carpenter ants, Pharoh ants, “sweet” ants and many others
  • Slippery Silverfish
  • Itchy Fleas/Ticks
  • Buzzing mosquitoes

Pest infestations can leave you and our family exposed to various hazards like:

  • Transferable Diseases
  • Droppings and Other Debris
  • Bacteria Which Can Cause Food Poisoning
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Damage To Electrical Wiring
  • Some Pests Bite or Sting
  • Pests Can Even Eat Your Food
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G.A.G. Pest Control, with over 20 years’ experience in pest control services, is your one-stop shop for all of your pest control needs.
  • GAG Pest Control effectively locates, identifies and destroys these pests from your home or business. We use our knowledge and expertise of in pest’s biology and habits along with an arsenal of proven pest management techniques. From applying chemicals, setting traps, operating equipment and even modifying structures, GAG Pest Control will take the necessary steps to rid your residence or business from pests.
  • We provide practical solutions to all your infestation problems at the lowest price we can offer without compromising the exceptional customer care.

G.A.G. Pest Control Believes In . . .


The baits we use are in a locked, secure, child-resistant bait box so they can be safely placed around the perimeter of your home. We will bait, trap, and exclude rodents from entering your building.


We will apply liquid and granular baits around the perimeter of your home or business. While on your premises, we will also sweep eaves, fascia, soffits, windows and doorways to remove spider webs and to prevent insects from entering your home or building.


We will apply liquid and granular baits around the perimeter of your home or business. We will also spray the interior of your home or business, using baits and dust as needed to control the roaches, ants, and silverfish.

Termite Protection and Treatments

G.A.G. Pest Control Offers...

  • Thorough inspections
  • Termite protection
  • Customized treatments
  • Full warranty bonds
  • On-Site Vault Fumigation
With over 15,000 termite inspections under our belt, G.A.G. Pest Control is a trusted name in the termite inspection and protection business.

G.A.G. Pest Control Uses...
termite treatments plywood damage
Let G.A.G. Pest Control help prevent this kind of termite damage to your home.

  • Knowledge and experience gained from almost 25 years in the business
  • A plan customized to meet your specific needs
  • Eco-friendly products
  • The latest in techniques, products, and services

Check Out These Effective Products and Services

  • Termidor, the #1 product used by pest control professionals to control and prevent termite infestation. Termidor will protect your home and eliminate almost any termite problem in fewer than 90 days. When used as an in-ground barrier treatment, Termidor will protect your home or business for over 10 years. Termidor is completely undetectable by termites so when they touch or ingest it, the termiticide will spread until the entire colony is eliminated.

  • Taurus Termiticide: This is an effective, economical alternative to Termidor, which we will offer you whenever possible.

  • termite treatments
  • The Electro-Gun, a non-chemical electronic system that combines high-frequency and high voltage to penetrate wood and flow into the galleries and nests of drywood termites, killing them with the current. The Electro-Gun is perfect to use in a localized part of your home or business (door frames or window sills, for example).

  • termite treatment bazooka Bazooka: This special device allows the operator to increase the range of the tools used for treatment of termites and pests. It is ideal for fascia, crown mouIding, and hardwood floors. It also is safer for the operator to use as he can more often stand on the ground rather than on a ladder. Great tool.

  • Borate-Based Termiticides, which is usually applied during the construction of your home or business. The termiticide is saturated deep within the wood and is highly efficient so less of it is required to provide an effective treatment.

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